Your Nutrition Challenge Questions Answered


Your Nutrition Challenge Questions Answered

I know some of you are thinking that the 28-Day Nutrition ReBoot Challenge is all or nothing. Like “Oh no – I am going to be away for a week so can’t do it.” Or, “I don’t need to lose weight so it’s not for me.” This is not the case – and we can all use a little help, guidance and accountability when it comes to our food choices. So, if you are on the fence about getting in on the Nutrition ReBoot Challenge, let me answer some of your questions:

Is this Whole 30? No
This challenge will focus on balanced eating, making healthy choices and logging your food. Nothing is off limits, however once again, we will focus on balance and healthy choices.

Is this challenge just about losing weight? No
Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve performance, gain muscle or just be conscious of your nutrition and food volume, this challenge is for you!

Do I have to do CrossFit or workout at CrossFit Grail? No
Exercise is a required element and accounts for 2 of your 10 daily points (along with stress relief and sleep.) Your exercise is your preference for 45-60min per day, preferably varying intensity – but playing a soccer game or hiking a 14er is considered exercise as well!

Are food points all or nothing? No
Your food journal counts as 3 points. If you deviate from your meal plan, ie: having a glass of wine with dinner or a brownie for dessert, that is ok. As long as you are tracking everything you eat, either in My Fitness Pal or a hand-written journal, you can still count your points. The focus here is to be more conscientious of what we are eating and how much.

Do I ‘Win’ based solely on my points total? No
Everyone wins just for showing up, doing your best and improving your nutrition habits. However, ‘Prizes’ will be based on a combination of points, body composition percentage results (based on goals), and participation on the Healthy Steps Nutrition accountability group.

I’ve done a ‘challenge’ before but didn’t know what to do after What then?
This challenge is not about restriction, not a ‘diet’ or a quick fix. This is about finding balance and learning tools to use for life. This also fulfills your Phase 1 Nutrition Coaching at CrossFit Grail, so if you decide to continue with Phase II Customized Nutrition Coaching, whether it be the very basic monthly accountability wellness program or the Gold or Platinum Coaching packages, Grail Nutrition will continue to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Don’t be afraid – we are all in this together and here for you.

The 28-Day Nutrition ReBoot Challenge Kick-off Party is on Saturday, August 11 at 10am at CrossFit Grail.

Day 1 of the Challenge is Monday, August 13. So get registered today so you can get your BioMetric Test and measurements prior to the Kick-off party!