Who Are You Doing it For?


Who Are You Doing it For?

You’ve made the decision to focus on your health. You may have decided to eat healthier, go to the gym regularly, reduce alcohol consumption, take steps to reduce stress, or get 8 hours of sleep per night. Not only do you have to prepare to implement new habits, but you also have to prepare for the push back you might receive from others.

No one wants to feel left out if you decide to make some lifestyle changes. And you may not want to draw attention to yourself or be questioned or mocked for the choices you are making. But the actions or words from friends, family, or co-workers are constantly pulling you back towards old habits. (I hear this a lot from my Nutrition clients when it comes to eating out or enjoying happy hours!)

A common scenario is meeting friends for ‘drinks.’ You decline the shared appetizers and order a club soda. There is always that person that has to comment with “why aren’t you drinking?” or “I know you want to share the nacho platter,” or “just try some,” (for the 3rd time!) And when you do go out to dinner, you avoid requesting a special order (like ‘can that be grilled’ or ‘can I have vegetables instead of fries’) so as not to draw attention where others may comment.

Special occasions, like holidays, birthday parties, or just a girl’s night in/out, can be difficult to stick to your plan. We are surrounded by overindulgence and are expected to take part. On one hand, we may want to keep our health journey private to us. Or we may want to share in hopes of getting support, or maybe influencing a friend who could use some help, or at the very least, not being pulled back into old habits. Either way, you want to be prepared for those challenges.

First, it is important to remember when people comment or ask, it is because they want to understand. Don’t be afraid of what other may think keep you from your plan. You made a choice to make a change for the sake of YOUR health. And who knows, you may have that friend is who is struggling to make some healthy lifestyle changes as well, and now you can support each other.

YOU are making a change for YOU, and no one else. Stick to that, stick to your plan and stick to your goals – you will achieve them!

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