When Should You Re-do a CrossFit Open Workout?


When Should You Re-do a CrossFit Open Workout?

Congratulations to everyone who completed the CrossFit Open 18.1 and 18.2. Some of you have been so driven that you even completed them twice. Some of you experienced significant improvements. Others of you saw a few rep improvement or maybe even saw a decline. Remember that these are grueling workouts and we do them for our own benefit. So, when should you consider redoing an open workout?

Let’s consider the Pros vs. the Cons:

1. You might improve your results

1. You overly stress the same muscles in back-to-back workouts opening yourself up to higher risk of injury
2. You increase your need for recovery time negatively impacting your next Open workout
3. There is limited time to repeat the workouts

I believe that unless you are an elite athlete in elite athletic shape, the risks of injury outweigh the benefits of repeating the workouts. However, I do find that there is one situation that might sway you toward repeating the workout. What is that situation? “I really messed up the strategy of the workout. I didn’t go fast enough, or maybe went too fast and as a result, I wasn’t efficient, and I know that I can improve significantly as a result.”

This could be an interesting thing to consider. What is not a good reason is, “I know that if I just tried harder that I would improve.” Your muscles will be less effective the second time around, so the only way you will improve is to change your strategy. Some of you already know this from your repeat of 18.1 where you saw a few rep difference only. Meanwhile, some of you completely changed your strategies and saw significant improvement.

All in all, when in doubt, I do not recommend that you repeat an Open workout. We do the CrossFit Open for a number of reasons, but to score well on the leaderboard is not one of those reasons. We do the Open to challenge ourselves, bring our best, and achieve what we never thought possible. So don’t get too caught up into the scores, just bring your best first attempt and leave nothing behind.

~Eric & Michelle Keely, Owners
CrossFit Grail

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