When COVID Strikes the Grail


When COVID Strikes the Grail

We have been extremely fortunate that to date, not one member has notified us that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19. But we also know that it is not a matter of ‘IF.’ It’s a matter or ‘WHEN.’

When we were able to re-open with limited capacity on May 18, we did so knowing that the recent survey with members showed an overwhelming majority of you were ready to get back in the gym and that we would be going above and beyond what was recommended in the government mandates. We created workout zones for physical distancing, a one-at-a-time equipment retrieval, entry, exit and restroom traffic flows, mask wearing by coaches, and additional sanitation protocols. 

Each of you was asked to hand sanitize upon entry, wipe down your equipment, wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility and to be generally conscious of your space and distancing from others. We can’t thank you enough for understanding and following these procedures. It is impossible for everything to be perfect, but we are all working together to keep ourselves and our fellow Grailers and community safe. 

When we are notified that someone in our Grail family has been diagnosed with COVID-19, without naming names, we will notify everyone who has been in a class with that person over the previous five days. We then ask that if you are having any symptoms, do not come to the gym and please get tested before returning to the gym. You may choose to self-quarantine for 14 days. The coach in those classes will also get tested before returning to the gym if they have been in close proximity to that person without their mask. Everything will continue to be scrubbed and sprayed down as usual.

I think we all know by now that COVID-19 is not something that is going away anytime soon. We have had to learn and adjust to a new normal. By being diligent and taking precautions, hopefully we can all remain healthy, keep each other safe, and continue to feel safe coming into the Grail.

Stay healthy,
~Michelle Ann Keely, CEO
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

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