What Can Happen in 60 Days?


What Can Happen in 60 Days?

I think we can all pretty much say that 2020 did not go as planned. Luckily, 2021 is just a few short months away, yet we are still amidst a global pandemic. But it does not mean we have to completely write off 2020 and wait for 2021 to start anew. There is so much we can still accomplish this year and get a jumpstart on our 2021 goals. 🎯

Let’s face it. Most New Year….ok, I’ll say it: ‘Resolutions’…usually revolve around our health, our work, our families and working on ourselves. You might be thinking, “Why start now? What can I accomplish in 2 months?” The answer is: A LOT! There is plenty of time to make some positive changes and build new healthy habits before the New Year.

I am going to challenge you to get a jumpstart and see how far you can get on your health and fitness QUEST before January 1st.  

In the next 60 days, you could:
✔️ Commit to drinking more water each day – at least ½ ounce per pound of body weight
✔️ Get your vegetables – at least two big double handfuls per day
✔️ Eliminate soda and sugary beverages
✔️ Lose 2% body fat
✔️ Gain a pound of muscle
✔️ Reduce or eliminate sugar and ‘empty’ calorie foods
✔️ Focus on getting more sleep & better quality sleep – at least 7 hours per night minimum
✔️ Start practicing more self-care – relaxation, stress-relief, personal time
✔️ Workout at least 4 times per week through the rest of the year
✔️ Reduce alcohol consumption – save it for social occasions

The COVID pandemic may have thrown a wrench in our 2020 plans, which is all the more reason to not wait another day and start making a change now. You will be that much closer to your goals!

The gauntlet has been thrown! Think about your goals. If you start today, where could you be by January 1, 2021? 🎆

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