⭐Transformation Tuesday ⭐


⭐Transformation Tuesday ⭐

Congratulations to Hannah Hetzler on her amazing transformation! 🎉

When Hannah started her fitness journey at the Grail, she said she wasn’t in ‘a good place.’ It was the very end of a crazy 2020 and she didn’t feel very healthy. But soon after, she remembered what her body can do as she got stronger, fitter, faster and healthier.

In just 5 months, Hannah gained 5# of muscle ⬆️ and lost 32.5# of body fat ⬇️.

Hannah averages 21 CrossFit classes per month, eliminated soda, and ate more meals at home. She is still crushing her workouts and is now planning to add more protein to each meal to rev up her metabolism and sustain new muscle growth

Hannah is quite an inspiration, showing that changes don’t have to be big and dramatic. Small changes every day add up to big RESULTS over time. 🎆

Way to go, Hannah! Can’t wait to see where you go from here! 🙌🎯💪

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