⭐Transformation Tuesday ⭐


⭐Transformation Tuesday ⭐

Congratulations to Anne Murdock on her amazing transformation! 🎉

During Anne’s first 6 months at the Grail, she was deployed for 2 of those months and had ankle surgery for a previous injury. That could have derailed anyone else, but not Anne! She still managed to not only gain muscle and get stronger, but also lose 24.1# of body fat. ⬇️ And then the hard work really began – intentionally ‘massing’ to build more strong, lean muscle. In less than a year, Anne gained 9.2# ⬆️ of muscle and just earned a new personal record: a 250# deadlift! 🏋️

Anne also had a goal to do The MURPH Challenge (tribute workout) this year on Memorial Day, which she did and absolutely crushed it! Way to go, Anne! You can do anything you set your mind to! We can’t wait to see everything else you are going to accomplish! 🙌🎯💪

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