The CrossFit Open was a fantastic experience for most of us. Full of high expectations and pushing ourselves beyond what we may have thought possible. Many of you have complimented us on the community environment we had during the Open. I look forward to announcing the winner of the first annual Grail Open Intramural during our One Year Anniversary Celebration this Saturday, April 14.

As a result of the Open, you now know your strengths and many of your weaknesses. But we need to take a step back and separate the Open from our fitness goals. The Open is the definition of CrossFit as a sport. It is not how we approach our training goals which are focused on fitness.

Yes, CrossFit has a sport element to it and we use that to help motivate us, but ultimately, how you feel every day and how you use fitness every day is the goal. In fact, the sport of CrossFit is inherently more dangerous to our fitness as it is far more injury prone. Ben Bergeron, the most successful Games coach in CrossFit history, explains that it is not IF a Games athlete will get injured, it is simply WHEN. Obviously, most of us don’t have aspirations to be on ESPN competing against the likes of Mat Fraser.  However, ensuring that we have the technical fitness skill to compete in life as well as in the Open is the ultimate triumph. For our part, we have created two innovative programs to help you train toward your goals in an injury free environment. Both Lift Lovers and Get Rx’d are designed to help you train toward the ultimate goal of having a higher quality of life.

How can our Get RX’d program support you? I asked that each of you write your fitness goals on paper and we hung those in the gym. Some of you put skill movements. Others, put life goals and bucket list items. Skill movements are a stepping stone to what your ultimate life goals are. For example, getting your double-unders is a stepping stone to body flexibility, agility, and mobility. It is the latter that gives you the higher quality of life, not the act of completing a double-under or muscle-up.

So, as you get back into the gym, I want you to remember, that lifting bigger weights is not the goal. Getting stronger is. The stronger I am, the greater chance that I fight off disease, stay out of a wheel chair, and enjoy each day with the energy and drive each of us strive for. Putting yourself at risk of injury by pushing bigger weights just for the sake of a better score on the white board is not useful.  Let’s keep our ultimate goal in mind and be smart in executing our training toward those goals.  This is where Lift Lovers can help you remain injury free while getting stronger.

So, I hope you are able to refocus on your life goals and that we can help you get there. As always, I love to hear your feedback as well as your journeys and stories. Keep showing up, take advantage of our new programming, and stay fit!

Eric & Michelle Keely, Owners
CrossFit Grail

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