Top 5 Supplements for the CrossFit Open


Top 5 Supplements for the CrossFit Open

What supplements should you take if you are doing the CrossFit Open? If you’re reading this, we are going to make a couple of assumptions.

A.) You are a CrossFitter who is wanting to see how far up you place on the leaderboard … or at least plan to run through the CrossFit Open workouts like greased lightning so you can post up your score for bragging rights over your peers.

B.) You have a good handle on your diet. Your whole foods game is on point and the only missing link to you gaining that extra edge is a crafty supplement strategy.

C.) You have been CrossFitting for a little while (a few weeks, a few months – maybe a few years), love seeing all your improvements and new Personal Records, and are ready for that extra edge to dial in your nutrition and supplementation to get to the next level of your fitness.

This pretty much cover everyone – see what I did there?!?!? That means this article is for you!

Here are our TOP FIVE SUPPLEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS to decrease your CrossFit Open times (or improve any of your WOD times), give you an extra edge and bring some more separation between you and your trash talking friends.

1. DRIVEN WHEY: You are crushing it with all the WOD’s leading up to the Open and will need some extra muscle repair during your Open workouts. Helping heal those broken-down muscles between workouts is the keep to longevity. The fast-acting proteins in Driven Whey send a rush of amino acids into the bloodstream where they can repair and rebuild your hard-working muscle tissue, speeding recovery time between workouts.

Recommendation: Take between 25-50 grams (depending on lean mass body weight) immediately after working out. If you are not getting enough protein through whole food meals throughout the day or are forced to miss a meal, keep some on hand so you can get a quick shake.

2. CREATINE: If you have been lifting weights without enjoying the benefits of Creatine, now is the time to start! Easily the most studied performance enhancing supplement over the last two decades – Creatine can have you moving more weight, faster from day one. Without diving into the inner working of the Krebs Cycle, (sorry exercise science nerds) creatine, or phosphophocreatine, as it is stored in the body (enter exercise nerd smiles) donate a phosphate to inert ADP transforming it into the fast energy powerhouse ATP.

Why is this important? You know the feeling of sprinting and you suddenly can’t achieve maximum speed? When you’re doing a 3-rep max squat and can’t stand the third one up? THAT is the rate your ATP storage and production is exceeded by your ATP usage. More creatine in your system and you might add 10 yards at a full sprint or get that final rep on your max! To add further fuel to the fire (pun intended), creatine increases the size of the muscle cells allowing more nutrients to flood in and more recovery to take place!

Recommendation: Creatine is beneficial before and after workouts. 15 minutes before workouts, take 5 grams. It is a tasteless powder and mixes with anything – like your Driven Aminos or Pre-WOD. *For best results take with a fast carb like GlycoDrive for better nutrient transport.

3. DRIVEN AMINOS: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine make up the three Branch Chain Amino Acids. These three are the major amino acids oxidized and broken down during ATP production. They help to convert fuel to energy by increasing the availability and rate of carbohydrate breakdown helping optimize performance. BCAA’s can reduce muscle damage or breakdown (catabolism) while working out. Leucine, in particular has an anabolic (muscle growth) effect, signaling the body to build more skeletal muscle. They also promote immune health which can be weakened after prolonged or especially intense exercise. This could help you avoid getting a cold or worse, the flu, a certain derailment for your open score. If you want to decrease your workout times, decreasing your recovery time is a good place to start.

Recommendation: Driven Aminos can be enjoyed anytime, especially between meals to bridge the gap between protein intake and preserve muscle mass. For performance benefits, take one serving 5 minutes prior to your workout or add them in your water bottle for an intra workout boost.

4. R&R OPTIMAL REST & RECOVERY: I cannot overstate the importance of getting enough ZZZ’s at night. Not just clocking in for some downtime but ensuring that you are getting quality recovery sleep. While we can’t increase the hours you spend with the lights off, we can increase the quality and benefit you receive from it. Driven Nutrition R&R night time formula has a three-step process to better recovery while you sleep.

One, natural sleep aids ensure a restful sleep where you can drift off to the deep stages of sleep where recovery can take full effect. In this deep REM sleep, cognitive functioning is restored, growth hormone is secreted, and protein synthesis is taking place.

Two, digestive enzymes and probiotics were added to aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients. With better nutrient partitioning, your last meal or protein shake is put to better use as a muscle building and repairing agent. They promote a healthy digestive tract which is the single the most important area you can improve for better immune health.

Three, natural hormone boosting ingredients help boost your bodies normal hormone output elevating an already anabolic state of rest and recovery.

Recommendation: Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before you plan on going to bed. Allocate at least 7 hours of sleep time for best results and no drowsiness. Then wake up refreshed and ready for the next WOD!

5. GLYCODRIVE: Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin or cluster dextrin is a designer carbohydrate and the single source carbohydrate found in GlycoDrive. This high molecular weight carbohydrate passes quickly through the stomach where it can be transported throughout the body for storage as glycogen. This fast burning, easily converted to energy, fuel is stored in your liver and skeletal muscle cells. High intensity CrossFit style workouts are fueled by glycogen. Having an adequate supply in the tank is vital to performing at your peak!

Recommendation: Take 25 grams 20 minutes prior to your WOD with 12 ounces of water (For an added pick-me up, consider adding either Pre-WOD or Dysrupt). Immediately following your workout consume another 25-50 grams, this will make a huge difference for you leading into the next WOD.

PostWOD: Soreness is part of the game, we embrace it and honestly, would feel a bit cheated if we didn’t have a slight discomfort standing up in the aftermath of a brutal WOD. In fact, you’ve probably become quite acquainted with that muscle stiffness that makes sitting down to the toilet an event of its own! Well, now that the open is here the last thing you want to be struggling with is just a basic squat. So now it’s time to step up your recovery so you can battle through the weeks of the open!

PostWOD™ was scientifically formulated with optimal recovery at the forefront. Filled with recovery complexes, PostWOD™ truly is your one-stop-shop post-workout recovery option. PostWOD™ provides a 1:1 carb to protein ratio to help with tissue repair but also refills your muscles gas tanks in the form of glycogen. Enhanced with creatine, BCAAs, and glutamine, PostWOD™ includes everything from electrolytes, joint health, antioxidants, and glycogen shuttles complexes. Stop guessing how to optimize recovery and let us do the work for you while you sit back and enjoy 2 delicious scoops of recovery salvation.

Recommendation: Take 2 scoop of PostWOD™ immediately after workouts to optimize nutrient utilization. You can stack PostWOD™ with an extra scoop of Driven Whey™.

There it is – our ALL-STAR lineup of supplements to get you through the CrossFit Open (and every other CrossFit WOD) performing at your peak and finishing as strong as you started!

Good luck and let’s see those great CrossFit Open scores!

In health,
~Michelle Ann Keely
CEO, CrossFit Grail
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

If you are interested in these or any of the other Driven Nutrition supplements, or have questions on which supplements are right for you and your fitness goals, send email to: [email protected]