7 Tips for Fall Fitness


7 Tips for Fall Fitness

As the mornings get crisp and the leaves begin to turn, we have found that many people like to refocus on their fitness goals during this time of year – at least until the holidays begin!

With COVID still at the forefront, our focus, routine, and goals for the year may have changed or gone by the wayside. We are here to help you refocus and get back on track so you can finish the year strong. If there are new challenges in your life, or if you are just struggling to find the time and motivation, book a FREE ‘No Sweat’ Consultation so we can help you find a the right plan to prioritize your fitness and nutrition.

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Here are 7 Tips for Fall Fitness:

  1. Make an appointment – and keep it!
    That means schedule your workouts, put them on the calendar, reserve your spot in class – and don’t let anything get in the way. Yes, you are pulled in different directions between kids’ activities, work, holiday parties – there will always be something threatening your time. Treat this time like an important appointment that cannot be moved.
  2. Lay out your clothes & pack your gym bag the night before
    Whether you are a morning warrior or afternoon trooper, get your clothes and gym bag ready the night before. Put it by the door or in the car. That way, if you are running late, you are not left scrambling, giving you an easy out to just bail. Keep a NO Excuse Zone!
    PRO TIP: Keep an extra set of workout clothes and shoes in the car in case you are running late from work or forget your gym bag.
  3. Get your sleep
    Lack of sleep can mess with your energy, hormones, and motivation. When you are tired, you tend to crave carb-y junk food, your mood and mental sharpness suffers, and you are less likely to want to work-out. Go to bed earlier, if needed. (Ask us for more tips for a good night’s sleep!)
  4. Grab an accountability partner
    Who is that person in class that motivates you? Who do you look forward to seeing every day at the gym? Make a pact to text each before a class or the night before to hold each other accountable to coming to the workout class and sweating it out together. This social interaction also improves mood and motivation!
  5. Prioritize your Nutrition
    Halloween starts the season where we are constantly surrounded by sweet treats and social occasions revolving around food and alcohol. It is OK to indulge occasionally, but eating well, both quality and quantity, makes us feel light, energetic, and more likely to keep our workout appointments and stick to our fitness goals.
  6. Get outside
    Sunlight and fresh air does wonders for your mood, your mind and your body. Take a break from the screen time throughout your day to just go outside for a few minutes while the weather is still nice enough. When time allows, get in some longer walks, hikes or enjoy a sport.
  7. Talk to your Grail Coach
    How can we HELP? Are you having a great day? Let us know. Are you struggling? We want to know that, too. Communication is essential so we can tailor our services to you each day. Simply reply to this email to let us know how we can HELP or just to let us know how we’re doing.

What do you want to accomplish over the next 3 months?


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