The Globo-Gym Deception


The Globo-Gym Deception

AAAHHHH!!… I am just so frustrated at listening to all of these advertisements for ‘globo-gyms.’ You know, 24-Hour Fitness, Planet Fitness, Tru Fit. $1 down and $10 a month and all that nonsense. It is so frustrating knowing their business model is to NEVER have you enter the gym. You see, their model is to get you signed up at any cost and to lock you into a contract for as long as they can. They sign up thousands of people for a facility that can only handle a fraction of that. Planet Fitness has around 6,500 members per gym, but many of its gyms can only handle a maximum of a few hundred people at one time. Their business model relies on only 17% of their members (or less) actually using their facilities. This is why they can offer such cheap memberships – and pizza! 83% of the members are actually paying the bulk of the gyms profits by never going to the gym. Those in the 83% are the gyms best members! And if you want any training classes or personal training, the rates sky-rocket. After all, machines are cheap, but results are much more expensive.

In one article published by the Washington Post, they equate Globo Gyms to insurance companies. A few benefit, but everyone pays.

I recently called a Tru Fit that is close to CrossFit Grail. I wanted to understand their pricing and what personal training services they offered. I was honest about what I wanted without telling them I was a gym owner. They were more than happy to tell me about the amazing introductory offer they had, but not so keen on telling me the cost or personal training ($65 -$100/hour I would eventually find out). They were in sales mode. I gave them my information, but told them I was not interested in joining. She pressured me to come visit them on that Saturday, and I said I would look at my schedule, but doubted I would visit and, as politely as I could, ended the call. I have to admit, I was curious to the lengths they would go to convert a lead. The next day I received a call that I let go to voice mail. Very high pressure, “hey, look forward to seeing you on Saturday as we agreed.” Of course, I never did go, but on Monday I got another call. “Hey, you said you would be there Saturday and we missed you. I was there waiting for you. Please call me back and we can setup another appointment.” Wow! The woman, as I looked her up later, did not have any exercise experience, fitness certifications or otherwise. Just sales. I have received 4 more calls since that first call.

Why are we willing to sign long term contracts for no results! We all have embarrassing stories of buying that miracle machine ‘As Seen On TV’, or the diet pill that would effortlessly shave off the pounds. We now know that the government, media, and national corporate chains do not care about your health or fitness – only your dollars. We now know that real fitness requires work and changing our diet. How is that we are willing partners in their scheme?

CrossFit has a higher monthly cost than the ‘globo-gyms.’ This is because we sign up 100 members to every 5,000 of theirs. Our model is to have 100% of our members show up every week. Our model is about results and real fitness.  At CrossFit Grail, we make that work challenging, fun, exciting, and extremely satisfying. Stop getting conned by ‘globo-gyms.’ Contact us today and hear what we are offering at monthly rate with no contracts. At the end of the day, I think you will realize that more expensive per month to get what you really want and achieve your goals, may not be more expensive at all.

By Eric Keely, Owner CrossFit Grail
[email protected]
(720) 515-6434

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  1. Amen, brother. I’ve been a victim of these gyms for so long. Once I was committed to the monthly dues, they truly forgot about me. Never gave me free personal training sessions they promised. Never checked in on me as to why I hadn’t shown up to gym in 6 months. A terrible scam. You’re business model sets you apart from the rest, and it’s clear how much you care about the fitness of your members.