The 2019 CrossFit Grail Open


The 2019 CrossFit Grail Open

We are just a few days away from the CrossFit Grail Open and Friday Night Lights. What is it, you ask? Let me tell you!

What is the CrossFit Grail Open?

The CrossFit Grail Open is a series of five workouts over 5 weeks with a party every Friday night known as Friday Night Lights. releases an ‘Open’ workout Thursday evenings, starting February 21, 2019. CrossFit Grail athletes participate in the Open by completing their workouts the next day (or by Monday, if needed). Anyone can participate in the workouts, whether you have officially registered with or not. This is a time that the community comes together and great things happen! Athletes challenge themselves to push harder and possibly do things they have never done before – maybe a pull-up, double-unders or a new weight lifting personal record!

What is Friday Night Lights?

The Open workout is announced, the gym is set, the athletes reserve their heat time on Friday Night (4:30pm – 7pm). The Grail community comes to participate, judge and cheer on their fellow athletes. Each of the five teams is assigned a week to bring the potluck. But every team must bring their team spirit! Teams have pre-ordered their Spirit Bags with their chosen color custom logo Junk Brand headbands, Driven Nutrition supplement samples, beverage sample (O2 Recovery, Bang, or FitAid) and of course, the noise makers!

Who are the Open teams?

Five team captains have chosen their teams! Each person on a team has the opportunity to earn points for their team by completing each week’s Open workout, attending Friday Night Lights and bringing their team spirit! The team that brings the most spirit each week gets the Grail owners’ points – adding to their overall points for the duration of the Open. The Teams are:

Purple Burpee Beaters. Team Captain – Brandi Adder. Team color: Purple

The Broman Empire, Team Captain – Ben Toth. Team color: Hot Pink

Team Phoenix Rising, Team Captain – Lauren Pietrek. Team color: Red

Kiss My Squats, Team Captain – Nanette Pietrek. Team color: Maroon

 The Trouble Unders, Team Captain – Roger Fiedler. Team color: Blue

And the Winning Team is….

At the end of the five weeks, all teams’ points are tallied. It is kept a closely guarded secret! Until of course, the Grail Anniversary party on April 13! Everyone is a winner, but the team with the most points gets the coveted CrossFit Grail Open Team Award! You will just have to tune in on April 13 to find out who this year’s winning team is and what this year’s award will be!

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