⭐Testimonial Tuesday⭐


⭐Testimonial Tuesday⭐

Thank you, Daniela for your RAVE REVIEW (via email) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Daniela jumped right in and committed to her fitness. In her first 6 months at the Grail, Daniela lost 18# of body fat ⬇️ and gained 4# of muscle ⬆️ by attending an average of 5 CrossFit classes and making healthier food choices. Daniela is a true example of what can happen when you commit to your health and fitness! 💛

This is what Daniela had to say:
“I feel the healthiest I have ever felt of my life. I am glad to have joined you.” ~ Daniela Salas Rios, CrossFit Grail member since October 2020

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