⭐ Testimonial Tuesday ⭐⠀


⭐ Testimonial Tuesday ⭐⠀

Thank you, Traci D for your RAVE Review! (sent via email) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⠀

Traci is one of the OG’s – Original Grailers, joining the Grail the very first weekend we opened. Which is why we were heartbroken – yet happy for her when she said last fall that she was taking a few months off for her and husband, Dan. to be a snowbirds and travel the country in their RV. But now that spring is here, Traci is back – at least for a little while, before hunting season and winter when she will hit the road again! We are happy to have her back at the Grail!

This is what Traci had to say before her brief sabbatical:
“I just want to thank you and Eric for the wonderful community you built. It’s hard to put in words the amazing change I’ve had because I joined in 2017. Not only stronger physically, I’ve become a better version of myself emotionally as well, plus made friendships that will last a lifetime. I will be forever grateful I joined the Grail family.” ~Traci Duncan, CrossFit Grail member since April 2017

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