Testimonial Tuesday


Testimonial Tuesday

Tim Gallagher never quits. He commits to his workout schedule and shows up. Even when he doesn’t necessarily like what’s in the workout. 😄 But he does it. And he especially love the rare ‘bench press’ day! When Tim is not at the Grail, he can be found using hit fitness on the trails mountain biking or hanging out with his wife and bulldog. 🐶

Here is just a small snippet of what Tim had to say:
“I cannot say enough good things. Instantly when I walked in, they asked my name, made me feel welcome and congratulated me on my workouts. The coaches are just fantastic, urging you to better yourself, making sure you are going to avoid injury. I had been going to other gyms for years, and coaches couldn’t remember my name. Here, they know my name, my strengths and weaknesses and don’t hesitate to encourage and motivate me. Ever gone to a gym where people stood around and cheered while you gutted out the last of a tough workout? Ever had a group of people stand around and celebrate the fact that you completed a move you never had before? Me neither, until I joined up with this crew.” ~Tim Gallagher, member since January 2018

Tim & Eric – best photo of 2019

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