Testimonial Tuesday


Testimonial Tuesday

Aaron McElhattan is one of the most easy-going, patient and positive people. His career is molding young minds so that definitely explains his caring demeanor! 🧒He also has a great sense of humor that puts everyone around him at ease. Since Aaron started at the Grail over 2 ½ years ago, we have seen him achieve numerous personal records and even competed in Festivus last fall and plans to do it again this year -as well as getting that muscle-up! Aaron’s wife, Erin, also joined him at the Grail this last year (winning the Cutest Couple Award 2019 💑) and his daughter loved her first 6-week Pre-Teen CrossFit program.

Aaron was in the Athlete Spotlight in December 2017– check out his bio and video interview here.

This is what Aaron has to say:

“Love this gym! Great community of supportive coaches and members.”

Aaron & Erin M