Support Small Business – Get New Equipment!


Support Small Business – Get New Equipment!

You have choices. In this day and age of internet retail, these choices become more and more diverse. You have the ability to select the products that meet your lifestyle, get them within a few days, and usually pay less than you might at a store.

I am going to give you a reason to spend your dollars at the CrossFit Grail Pro Shop instead of heading to your computer. It is a simple and straight forward incentive. No, it isn’t deep discounts, or wholesale pricing. To be honest, most of our prices are the same as you can get online. However, when you order through us, those dollars of yours for the products you might purchase online turn into new equipment.

New equipment? Yes! The money you spend on our retail items has a direct impact on what new equipment we can purchase for the gym.  This month we are ordering new Kettlebells, Wall Balls (to include 30#), Ab-Mats, and a complete set of Dumbbells. We recently added two more C2 Rowers.  All of this could not be possible without your patronage in buying Driven Nutrition supplements, CrossFit Grail apparel, headbands, and beverages.

December Holiday Special: 15% OFF all T-Shirts, Hoodies & Pullovers. RX bars are buy 3, get 1 free (at one time). So, buy your friends a CrossFit Grail T-shirt and help the gym get you shiny, new equipment.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

~CrossFit Grail

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