I’ll Start My Diet On Monday


I’ll Start My Diet On Monday

Sound familiar? I am sure many of you have heard it before or said it yourself. We are certain that by Monday, we will wake up with a healthier, more determined outlook and have more ‘willpower’ than we have today. It’s a short-term reassurance that it is okay to stray from today’s healthy choices because Monday will come eventually where we can start again.

How did that work out for you?
I’ve been through this myself. And I’ve heard it a lot from others. Monday comes – you either start out great or don’t have a plan. A friend asks you out for drinks, which turns into bar food appetizers. The Monday motivation that you thought you would have by now is out the window. How do you feel? You most likely feel like a failure and like you will never reach your goal. Another week before Monday comes around again.

How about trying something different?
It’s probably not the solution you want to hear. It’s not sexy and alluring, filled with the promise of ‘quick and easy. It’s not a magic pill, product or gadget. It’s not extreme.

What is it? Small. Simple Changes. Consistently.

Do you have to jump in head first with an all-or-nothing attitude and rigid changes that makes us feel overwhelmed?
Absolutely NOT! When you started CrossFit (or any fitness program), you didn’t immediately run a half marathon or lift a barbell loaded with a stack of 45# plates. Everything starts with progression, and your road to healthy nutrition is no different.

Where do you start?
First, look at where you are at. What are you doing right now that is mostly likely slowing your progress? Is it mindless eating or eating out of boredom? Eating out too often? Grabbing convenience foods? Just eating out of habit – like late at night? It’s different for everyone.

After you have identified where you are struggling, take small steps that you know you can do when you run into those same situations. Consistent and Simple Solutions.

Here are some common problems and simple solutions:

  • Do you wake up too late? Cook egg cups (in muffin tins) on the weekend, pack breakfast to go the night before, make overnight oats or a protein and fruit smoothie on the go.
  • Do you eat out for lunch daily? If it’s not work/meeting related, go home at least 4 out of 5 workdays, choose vegetables instead of starches, follow the plate method, choose a restaurant where you know they will have healthier options and decide your meal beforehand.
  • Are you under-hydrating? Buy an awesome water bottle (24-32oz or more!), drink one full bottle first thing in the morning and one bottle between meals.
  • Do you eat too fast? Time your meals and aim for 15-20 minutes of eating slowly. Take a drink between bites or set down the fork. Pace off the slowest eater. Savor the food – don’t multi-task or watch TV while eating.
  • Are you lacking vegetables? Pack vegetable bags ahead of time to have ready to go. Double the vegetables in the recipe you are cooking and choose a variety.
  • Have a sweet tooth? Try plain Greek yogurt and add your own berries. Find alternatives to your favorite dessert – you do not necessarily have to eliminate dessert forever.
  • Too much alcohol? Try a 0-calorie flavored seltzer with lime in a cocktail glass so you don’t feel left out.
  • Do you eat late at night? Try to eat your last meal about 3-4 hours before bed. Find something else to do instead – go for a walk or read a book or have a flavored decaf tea. And brush your teeth after your meal or when you feel the urge to eat.
  • Eating mindlessly? Keep a food journal for 1-2 weeks using MyFitnessPal to recognize what foods and their amounts are stalling your progress. Find alternatives or a serving size that works better for you.

It doesn’t have to be a rigid, all-or-nothing meal plan. It doesn’t have to be strict macro counting. And most importantly, it doesn’t have to start Monday.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about making progress.

Make Small, Simple Changes, Consistently. Your energy will increase, and you will start to see some positive results.

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In health,
~Michelle Ann Keely, CEO
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach