Scaling & Injuries


Scaling & Injuries

You may have read this a few months ago, but this week it is worth a re-post. Surgery went well, the 2 days since have been rough, and as promised, Eric is already focusing on one of his weaknesses – NUTRITION! Check out the re-blog & video and let us know your thoughts.


For years I have struggled with shoulder pain. It all began when I first started CrossFit, or so I thought. I would take weeks and sometimes months off to recover from especially difficult workouts. I finally had an MRI and was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. A common problem usually associated with overuse or repetitive movement.

I went to Physical Therapy and made a startling discovery. The therapist theorized that the 30 years hunched over a desk and pulling my shoulders forward was a major contributor, adding strain and friction due to improper posture.

Ben Bergeron, a premier Level 4 CrossFit Trainer stated,CrossFit will expose every single imbalance, limitation, and weakness you may have. In that sense, I think CrossFit should be considered an amazing way to help diagnose and correct those issues that could haunt you down the road.”

Decades of friction due to improper posture set in motion a situation where exercise pushed the weakened shoulder over the edge. CrossFit did not cause my weakened shoulder, but it did discover it.

I will have surgery. The recovery for the required surgery is 6 months. The surgery is scheduled for November. You can bet that between now and then, I will not stop going to the gym. If you have worked out with me, you know that I am not afraid nor unwilling to scale. You can also be rest assured that I will not stop going to the gym after my surgery.

You see, injuries are opportunities to work on our weaknesses. I will be working on my nutrition and, after my initial recovery, I will be focusing on my leg strength. I hope you will support me on this difficult journey. I will need it.

I have watched other athletes cope with injury. Some have chosen to completely put their fitness on hold citing their injury as the reason. Some injuries require you to put things on pause. But many more can be appropriately addressed through scaling.

I have watched athletes in the gym, using professionally trained coaches, scale workouts and dominate their weaknesses. Scaling is not failing, and every workout can be adjusted to work with your injury. So the next time you have discovered one of your weaknesses, work with a coach on how you can scale the workout and movements to ensure you keep making progress toward your goals.

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