Rainbows & Leprechauns-1 year later


Rainbows & Leprechauns-1 year later

Last year, March 14, 2020, we played Rainbows & Leprechauns 🌈 our last partner warm-up game that required people to get close to others in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day 🍀 (notice all the green in the video below!) We knew the pandemic was coming, other states were closing down businesses, people were staying home. We had already started programming home workouts for our community.

On Monday evening, March 16 about 6pm, Eric was coaching a class and I was in my office when I received the alert. Gyms were to close by 8am the following morning and remain closed for the rest of the month. We went home and scrambled to find information about what this meant for our business and what we could do for our Grail family. We cancelled classes and stayed glued to the news for a few days, when we realized that the ‘closed until the end of the month’ would probably be much longer. So by the next week, we got our equipment counted to loan out to members and started morning and afternoon Zoom classes.

Lockdown (as we called it) turned into 9 weeks, then the gym could re-open with really limited capacity, while cleaning and distancing procedures were put into place and adjusted as needed and allowed. It has now been a year. Who would have thought we would still be wearing masks and under the cloud of a pandemic? 🤷

We are forever thankful and grateful for our Grail family who weathered the storm with us. It may be the same storm, but everyone is in a different boat and going through their own challenges. We are still amazed how everyone really came together to support each other and continue to do so one year later.

The last year, despite the roller coaster of unknowns, has only reaffirmed our reasons as to why we started CrossFit Grail. To help you, our community, become the healthiest version of yourself, achieve goals you never thought possible, and enjoy the highest quality of life.

Thank you being a part of the Grail family and for continuing to allow us to be with you on your fitness journey. 💗

In health,
~Eric & Michelle Ann Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

Rainbows & Leprechauns 2020