Preparing for an Endurance Workout


Preparing for an Endurance Workout

Have you signed up to do ‘The Murph Challenge’ happening (virtually) at the Grail and around the United States this Memorial Day? Then you are probably familiar with MURPH by now! If not, click here to learn more.

As you sacrifice your body and mind by participating in this challenge, also remember that this workout pays tribute to a fallen hero who sacrificed it all and should be taken seriously. This is just one day….

I have posted this every year for the last 4 years we have done Murph, and we have done many endurance workouts since then. But here is a reminder of some helpful tips to help you both prepare and recover from The Murph Challenge or any grueling endurance workout:

  1. HYDRATE!  With WATER! (Not Beer!) Do I really need to say that?!?!
  2. REST DAY – do not get in that last intense workout or overdo it on anything physical (you will thank me for this one!) Enjoy your Sunday.
  3. EAT A LOT! (But not so much that you’re sick!) Plenty of protein, fat and carbs in equal proportions – you will need to have a lot of stored energy!  Think Bacon-Avocado-Cheese Burger & Bakes Sweet Potato ‘fries.’ But the morning of, keep fat to a minimum and get plenty of healthy carbs.
  4. MENTALLY PREPARE: you will battle fatigue and exhaustion and your body might be screaming. Visualize what is coming, see yourself pushing through and crossing the finish line!
  5. SLEEP – get at least 8 hours the two nights prior, and at least 8 hours per night the following three nights. You are going to need the rest for your body to repair.
  6. WORKOUT DAY WARM-UP: We will lead you through a warm-up prior to 3-2-1-GO to get the blood flowing and body warmed up for what’s about to come!
  7. POST WORKOUT – grab a shot of Driven Nutrition POST-WOD a half a banana. Let your tummy settle for another 30-45 minutes then replenish with plenty of carbs and protein!
  8. 72-HR BOUNCE BACK – your body will be screaming ‘NO!’, but what it really needs is ‘YES!’. Move something heavy as quickly as possible. No need for volume / heavy MetCon, just move some weight quickly.
  9. WATCH the movie ‘MURPH: The Protector.’
  10. REMIND yourself what MEMORIAL DAY is about – it is not just about a workout or a day off from work.  Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have died in service of the United States of America. 

Remember: You can do anything you set your mind to!

We will see you at 8am on Memorial Day, May 25. 

~Michelle Ann Keely
CEO, CrossFit Grail

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Contact us at [email protected] for information to join us for MURPH virtually.