Our Core Values – #3 Giving Back


Our Core Values – #3 Giving Back

You have been introduced two core values that drive who and what the Grail is.  Our third Core Value is Giving Back. As we approach the median of our life, we realized that our passion for fitness could be a tool to give back for all the blessing that we have received in our lives. Not only could we use it for charity, but we could help change people’s quality of life.

Nationwide, diabetes rates have nearly doubled in the past 20 years from 5.5% in 1994 to 9.3% in 2012. This personally hits home as diabetes killed my grandfather and is ravaging my parents and siblings. 100% of my parents and siblings use a CPAP machine when they sleep. I was diagnosed with sleep arrhythmia and have a CPAP machine in my closet, a constant reminder of where I used to be in my fitness. Michelle is impacted with chronic health conditions as well as long term pain from a car accident. In other words, obesity and other health related conditions hit close to home.

We wanted to give back to our community in a way that would create life long benefit to people. But we didn’t just want to write checks, we wanted to share our story and create a chain of stories that could lead to real impact in people’s lives. We have been so happy to have people share their stories of success with us. We have also had the opportunity to donate thousands of dollars to excellent charities such as Pets for Vets and Barbell for Boobs.

By now you will see that our Core Values of Results, Integrity, and Giving Back spell out the acronym RIG. And like the RIG we use in the gym, it is the foundation for our success. The RIG in the gym is the unheralded symbol of CrossFit. Gymnastics and Weight Lifting utilize the RIG to perform dozens of movements.

Our RIG is bolted to a solid concrete foundation. It provides athletes the ability to increase mobility, power, and intensity without fear of collapse or failure. Athletes trust it to take the weight and abuse of the work. We hope that you trust our RIG to support you in your goals as we trust RIG to be the cornerstone and continuing foundation of CrossFit Grail.

`Eric & Michelle Keely, Owner
CrossFit Grail