Our Core Values – #1 Results


Our Core Values – #1 Results

When Michelle and I went on vacation a couple of months ago, we were able to relax and take a step back away from the crazy pace of the Grail. We reviewed the state of the business and reflected on our successes as well as some of our failures. At the same time, we had the opportunity to share some of the research that we had been doing independently with each other. I had recently read the book, Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron while Michelle had been listening to numerous business podcasts. We were both trying to make sense of areas in our business that we wanted to improve.

We came to the realization that we were being pulled by the business instead of guiding the business where we wanted it to go.  We took a step back and reminded ourselves of why we had created CrossFit Grail. We asked ourselves, what motivates us?  What drives us? These, as I read in Chasing Excellence, are defined as Core Values. We took stock of ourselves and got back to our original three Core Values that define who we are, what CrossFit Grail is, and how we will act moving forward.

What I want you to know is that these Core Values define every decision we make. They are the reason we started the Grail. The reason we cultivated the culture that exists in the community. The problem is that along the way, those values became fuzzy and we became reactive instead of leading the business where it needs to be. We decided that when we returned from vacation, we would get back to our Core Values and lead the business instead of being dragged along with it.

I will be honest that these Core Values should not surprise you, at least I hope they are obvious based on the relationship we have created with each of you. I look forward over the following number of weeks to explain each of our three core values and what they mean to us and how each of them impact our business.

The first of CrossFit Grail Core Values we would like to introduce is Results. We believe that results are a critical part of what we provide our athletes. Results is defined as, “A consequence, effect, or outcome of something.” Our goal is to have current and prospective athletes see continual impactful results related to the goals (Quest) they have set for themselves. Results come from a joint commitment between the Grail and an athlete. If both follow through on the commitment, then seeing measurable results are guaranteed.

We approach results by providing the tools necessary for our athletes. Wodify, InBody, Driven Nutrition, body measurements, nutrition coaching, and baseline WODs are all example of tools, programming, and partnerships designed to produce results.

At the end of the day, if athletes are not seeing results, we have no business being in the fitness business. We can just as well fill our gym with treadmills and televisions, but that brings us to our second Core Value…

Stay tuned for our second Core Value: INTEGRITY

~Eric & Michelle Keely, Owners
CrossFit Grail

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  1. And this is why I love you guys and love The Grail. It’s not easy running a business and catering to all walks of life. Different personalities, goals, opinions, etc.. Your core values and mission statement have to be strong and unwavering with the willingness to tweak things as needed. You both are doing an amazing job! I won’t say the growing pains will go away, but they will become less and at some point be very few and far between. Just know, in my personal opinion, you have aligned yourself for success with a great product, environment and staff! I look forward to your future and my RESULTS!!!