The CrossFit Open is Over-Now What?


The CrossFit Open is Over-Now What?

You made it through all three weeks of the CrossFit Open. You may have found some things that you want to work on – like wall walks or double unders. You’re fired up and ready to improve your skills, strength, cardio capacity and conditioning. So what can you do to accomplish those goals?

Start with these 5 steps:

  1. Put your goals in writing, make them public and talk to your Grail Coach(es)
    Now that you have been through the CrossFit Open, your goals for the year may have changed. Simply by writing down your goals, telling those people closest to you, and talking to your Grail Coach(es) makes them real. Whether you want to work on a certain skill, get stronger, lose weight, or improve your Open scores next year, your Grail coach can suggest a course of action. We can help define your goals and design a course of action – book your FREE Virtual ‘No Sweat’ Intro to get started. Click HERE
  2. Evaluate your nutrition and where you can improve according to your goals
    Nutrition is the base of the fitness pyramid. When you give your body high quality fuel in the right amounts and maintain a healthy body weight and fat percentage, your body will reward you with better fitness performance, as well as a better quality of life. But you have to know where you are to know where you are going. Knowledge is power – if you have not had a body composition analysis in the last several months, it’s time to know your numbers so you can plan a course of action. Book your InBody Composition Analysis HERE.
  3. Commit – or recommit – to your fitness training
    This does not mean start doing doubles or forget your family and friends in lieu of hours at the gym. But as with anything, the more you practice, the better you get. That means you ‘practice’ more than once or twice a week. If you only workout once every couple of days, you need to increase that to get better. CrossFit is about general physical preparedness and becoming a well-rounded athlete. You do this by attending classes with balanced, exemplary programming and the stellar Grail coaches! Commit to coming to classes regularly – that means at a very minimum of 3 days per week, but 5 is preferred, with one active recovery day and one rest day.
  4. Enjoy some balance and recovery
    You need to rest and recover from grueling workouts. Rest days and ‘active recovery’ days are important. (See above) If you have an old, nagging injury, or knee or shoulder issue that you can’t seem to get past, invest in yourself and make the time to see a physiotherapist. Maybe you are just tight from working an either sedentary or extremely physical job. And even if you don’t seem to have any issues, a little preventative maintenance can do wonders to avoid injury in the future. 
    You also want to make sure you are practicing mobility each day, even if it is not programmed in the workout. You need a balance of strength and mobility for good form so you can avoid having an injury or tendonitis flare-up. We recommend the GoWOD app for customized daily mobility. Your first 2 weeks are FREE.
  5. Practice positivity and surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people – like the CrossFit Grail community!
    Working out is hard. Showing up requires effort and it is 80% of the battle. We are here to train, educate, support and motivate you – and give you the best hour of your day while holding you accountable! You are going to run into challenges that threaten to derail your progress. But when you keep moving forward, your success will be so much sweeter. Stay focused on your goals and you will achieve them!

Has the CrossFit Open spurred your QUEST for more competition? Good thing the Festivus Games are right around the corner! That is Festivus ‘for the rest of us,’ novice, intermediate and masters athletes. Grab 2 of your friends for a 3-person same-sex team and get registered by April 17. Competition is April 24 at CrossFit Loop. For more info and to register, click HERE.

What are you doing today to take your fitness to the next level?

In health,
~Michelle Ann Keely
CEO, CrossFit Grail
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

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