Nutrition Shouldn’t Be Complicated


Nutrition Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Have you tried a fad diet? Have you tried more than one fad diet? I bet if you are over age 30, you have probably tried a couple. And if you are over age 40, the number is probably in the double digits!

The longer you’ve been around, the more fads you’ve probably seen being touted as a “weight loss miracle,” “magic,” “easy,” the weight just “melts off.” We should know by now that there isn’t a magic pill and it definitely isn’t easy. And as we get older and grow wiser, we also experience a slowed metabolism, hormonal changes (for both men and women), family and job stress, postpartum body changes…..and the list goes on!

This makes for a frustrating situation. You want desperately to see change. The choices are overwhelming.  So you end up doing nothing. Type in the words “best diet” in Google and you’ll get 1.3 billion results. How could you possibly sort through all of that and know what is best for you??

At CrossFit Grail Nutrition, we believe that something as fundamental as Nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. Food, in its simplest definition, is FUEL. It can either help us or harm us. We also believe that changes to your body (both outer and inner) are best done at a realistic and sustainable pace.

Quick fix fad diets and ‘miracle’ pills and teas are a short term (and often drastic) solution that provide instant (and potential) results. 80% of people who lose weight in this manner WILL gain the weight back – and usually more!

So, how do we create permanent change?
With a Nutrition Coach you’ve got a pretty good chance.

1. We make S.M.A.R.T. goals together:
Time Sensitive

2. We keep it simple, making SMALL changes each week and month to gradually reach BIG success to reach and maintain your goal.

3. Together, we decide on specific, realistic and actionable steps that fit your lifestyle, preferences and desires.

4. RESULTS are tracked closely with our InBody 270 Biometric Testing. This provides 99% accuracy of your body composition. We increase the good stuff (like muscle) and decrease the bad stuff (like body fat).

Let’s get the ball rolling today. Book your appointment and we can come up with a game plan specifically for you. And the best part? Your first session is FREE!

~Michelle Ann Keely
Co-Owner, CrossFit Grail
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach