News from the Grail – September 2019


News from the Grail – September 2019



The big news for us at the Grail last month was that CrossFit Grail was voted the 2019 Best Neighborhood Gym on NextDoor. Thank you to all of you who voted. We are humbled that you think so highly of us to take the time to vote and say all the wonderful things you do.  ❤️ This really helps spread the word about our little gym and the wonderful people in it!

It’s been a fun summer and, as the kids head back to school and we feel a hint of fall in the morning air, it has been great to see so many Questers getting back into the gym to resume their ‘indoor’ fitness. Pretty soon the holidays will arrive with parties, social events and lots of food and alcohol! So now is the time to get on plan with your workouts and nutrition!

Fall also brings with it a couple of competitions (Festivus, Girls Gone Rx) 🏋️ , events (Barbells, Bros & Brews) 🍺, CrossFit Teen / Pre-Teen class series, the start of the 2020 CrossFit Open 💪, and a new coach at the Grail 🙌! Subscribe or book your FREE Intro for all the info and details!

In health,
~Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

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