News from the Grail – September 2018


News from the Grail – September 2018

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August seems to have just flown by! Starting with Women, WOD & Wine with Liz’s Bridal Shower. then into the 28-Day Nutrition ReBoot and finishing the month off with a re-test for one rep max of Front Squat and Bench Press as well as max effort set of push-ups after strength progressions on Fridays. As we go into the next month, Friday strength progressions will focus on Handstand Push-ups. These strength and technique progressions translate into so many other movements. Moral of the story: NEVER miss a Friday! =)

On August 13, a group of Nutrition Questers embarked on a 28-Day Nutrition ReBoot. NOT a challenge – just a ReBoot. It is easy to stray off the healthy path during those summer months and we could always use a little help and accountability to get back on track before the holidays are upon us.

The January ‘6-Week Challenge’ focused on WHAT we ate, focusing on eating more whole foods and eliminating those foods that may cause distress in your system or stall our progress. This ReBoot took it to the next level by focusing on HOW MUCH we eat – portion control, weighing and measuring food, and tracking what we eat, while still working on adequate hydration, sleep, stress relief, and fueling around our workouts. This is also a time for each person to take note of what works and doesn’t work for them to stay on track and accountable with their Nutrition Quest going forward. We can’t wait to see the results when the Nutrition Questers come in next week for their follow-up Body Composition Tests.

If you missed the Nutrition ReBoot and need help reaching your health and nutrition goals, schedule your FREE Nutrition Intro here and we can recommend a plan to get you on the path to success.

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In health,
Eric & Michelle Keely

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