News from the Grail – May 2020


News from the Grail – May 2020

Message from the Grail

We started the month adjusting to a new lockdown normal, with the excitement of some fun, at-home virtual challenges, including our daily Murph Prep, 6-Pax Abs & Push Ur Tush challenges, free ROMWOD to work on mobility, a week of United in Movement workouts and 3 weekly workouts from CrossFit HQ for the #SupportYourLocalBox Challenge and fundraiser.

It has actually been a great time to work on our fitness a bit more creatively, and we were thrilled at everyone that signed up for the CrossFit #SupportYourLocalBox Challenge. We really just wanted to keep everyone engaged, challenged and working on your fitness and did not expect anyone to donate to the fundraiser. But to our surprise, you did! CrossFit did not tell us who donated, but we are eternally grateful from the bottom of our heart and can’t thank you enough! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

We seem to still have a lot going on, with virtual classes, daily challenges & social hours – yet we are still in lockdown limbo. The month started going from a stay-at-home order to a safer-at-home order. Our recent survey results show that most of you are just as anxious to get back into the gym as we are. We have been working on every possible contingency plan and protocol possible for when we are able. Not having firm answers to give you is difficult, but we are trying to keep you informed with information and happenings as we know it.

But what you can count on is that we are still coming to you live twice a weekday with virtual workouts! If you have not joined us in a zoom class yet, we highly encourage it for a taste of that community we all miss! 🀜 πŸ€› Whether joining us live or doing the daily WOD on your own, they are designed to be done with or without equipment – or odd-objects you have around the house. And don’t forget to get in on the daily challenges! It is also the last day to get in on some discounted deals and the #StayforMay gift certificate!

In health,
~Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

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