Spring is time for growth & change!

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You might be noticing that we have been making a considerable number changes lately to our programming and schedule.  We make changes to ensure that we are providing the best experience and possible results for you.

Hopefully, you are enjoying our new additions including Barbell Lift Lovers and Get RX’d. We added these classes to help improve athlete form, technique, and mobility which we believe will drive greater results.  These two classes are all about helping you go from OK form to good form. And if you have good form, to achieve great form. We continue to play with the scheduled times and class sizes. We opened up Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes to 12 people and are considering how to round out our afternoons. We appreciate your patience as we grow.

Other changes we are excited about is how we are taking a deep and long look at ourselves and how we portray ourselves to the community as a fitness solution. Our vision is becoming more refined. Our marketing more focused. Our solutions more exclusive to those committed to results. As we transform and tune our vision, we continue to ask for your feedback.  In fact, don’t be surprised if I ask you out to coffee to just pick your brain and get your honest feedback. =) We are also asking our athletes to participate in an online survey so look for that in your email in the next  few days!

In health,

~Eric & Michelle Keely, Owners

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