News from the Grail – March 2020


News from the Grail – March 2020


Message from the Grail

Is everyone ready for the snow to depart and warmth to arrive so we can get outside and run again? We sure are! But even with the ice and snow, we still managed to have tons of variance in our daily WODs. Even more fun is on tap for this month!

February also brought us Tuff Love – the competition that is! Six teams of two went up to Boulder – and conquered – four workouts in one day! Congratulations to our Tuff Love Grail teams!
You Frail, We Grail: Eric K & Lindsay M
Hustle & Muscle: Sheldon G & Candace M
Cupcakes: Mike & Rachel Miles
Raje: Ryan Anderson & Jamie E
Sorry Ladies, We’re Taken: Paul W & Brandi A
Chalk Dirty to Me: Ben T & Mandy P

Next up, we have Carl K, Roger F & Tim G– the Dad Bod WOD Squad competing in the Granite Games on Saturday March 7 at CrossFit Endure in Windsor. Take a nice drive to go up to cheer them on.

Then next month is CrossFit Grail’s 3-year Anniversary on April 25. Stay tuned for more info! In the meantime, enjoy another fun and varied month at the Grail with even more social events, holidays workouts and competitions!

In health,
~Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

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Lindsay & Eric