News from the Grail – February 2020


News from the Grail – February 2020

It was such a joy to start the year with our 3rd Annual WOD & AWARDS. 🏆A lot goes into the end of the year number crunching and award preparation and here is how it went down:

Most Dedicated: Ryan Anderson (attending 309 classes in 2019)
Rookie of the Year: Anita Karlin (18 personal records, 159 classes attended)
Most Improved: David Mead (34 personal records, 181 classes attended)
Community Spirit Award: Cathie McFarren (too much goodness in one tiny package)
Athlete of the Year: Brandi Adder (56 personal records, 288 classes attended)
And of course, we had the just for fun awards as well!

We have the first competition of the year with several Grail teams heading to Boulder for the Tuff Love Competition on Feb 22. Check out the events in our FB Community Page for specific / links and to arrange carpool if you want to compete or cheer on your fellow Grailers.

This year is off to a great start seeing so many new faces at the Grail and so many personal records already. We can’t wait to see what everyone does in 2020!

In health,
~Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

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