News from the Grail – December 2020


News from the Grail – December 2020

Looking back on 2020, I still can’t believe everything that has happened. It seems every week since March we have all had to adapt to something new. Although we can be sad and even angry about a lot of things, it has really put things into perspective about everything we have to be thankful for. 🙏Even though we haven’t been able to have the usual Grail gatherings and celebrations, you all have been so welcoming to all the new Grailers, and we have still managed to find ways to celebrate and bring some cheer while working on our fitness. 🎉 If you are not currently a member, this is why you have to join the GRAIL to get in on all the FUN!

Thank you to everyone who stuck through #NoQuitNovember. If that is you, check your email from a few days ago to claim your 💲200 Gift Voucher – that’s $20 each at all 10 Community Coalition brands, such as Born Primitive, O2 and more!

Become a Grail Member by clicking below so you, too can enjoy the Grail Elfie-Selfie🧝, the Grail (Virtual) Holiday Party 🎄 have a little fun with the 20 Chances to Kick 2020 Goodbye! 👋 Not to mention the 12 Days of Grail workout!

Let 2020 know it couldn’t keep us down! Finish the year strong and slide into 2021 ready to tackle anything that comes your way! And be Grail fashionable with your NEW Grail T-Shirts and Hoodies! 👕Stay tuned for the big reveal and how to order on Monday, Dec 7!

Stay healthy!
~Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

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