News from the Grail – April 2020


News from the Grail – April 2020

This month’s newsletter is a little different. It is going to our current Grail family, past Grail family and (hopefully) future Grail family. Why? Because COVID-19 has turned the world upside down and we know that at a time like this, we could all use a little help, a little kindness, and a little support from the greater community around us.

As people started ‘social-distancing,’ March 17 marked the first day that Governor Polis ordered that most in-person service businesses close their doors or limit their service. Schools closed. Restaurants and the food industry are only available for take-out. Salons, spas, theaters, casinos, malls, museums, and GYMS were ordered to close. And then came the stay-at-home order. Life as we knew it drastically changed seemingly overnight and now, we are adjusting to a new normal.

For us at CrossFit Grail, we were already putting a plan in place to move our business online. At-Home workouts were already being programmed. Since then, we have pivoted the entire business online. Daily At-Home workouts with a video workout summary and instructional videos for all movements, two LIVE coach-led workouts  per weekday, community virtual workouts, we loaned out equipment to current members, launched a Surviving Coronapocalypse Challenge to focus on things we can actually control, stocked everyone up on Driven Nutrition supplements (with continued delivery), Virtual Social Hours and Mindset Mondays for current members, and Nutrition Coaching, which has always been done virtually.

This is a challenging time for everyone. We send our utmost gratitude and support to the healthcare workers, delivery truck drivers, store clerks and everyone who is still going out into the world to work every day. From our little corner of the world, we are still working to help keep our community fit, healthy and nourished by controlling the things we can at this time. And hopefully relieve a little stress as well! At this time, it is important we have some patience, spread some kindness and help your community if you are able.

In health,
~Eric & Michelle Keely
Owners, CrossFit Grail

** This is just the newsletter introduction.

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