Monday Message – Variety in Workouts


Monday Message – Variety in Workouts

Coaches Mike, Kevin & Eric are taking on your questions.

This week’s question:

“Do we sometimes do the same movement too often?”

Check out what the coaches have to say in this video:

Coaches discuss Variety in Workouts

Your CrossFit Grail workouts may seem random, but really there is a lot of science and thought put into the programming. It is really designed to hit all muscle groups and metabolic pathways, with different weight loads, times, speeds and movements over a period of time to get you maximum functional fitness results. When it seems random, that is when you are increasing strength, endurance and cardio conditioning – and it shows in al those PR’s!

We have a list of topics and answers to your most burning questions we will be answering over the next few weeks. We would love your feedback – post here. Stay tuned for more!

In health,
Eric Keely
Co-Owner, CrossFit Grail
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer