Monday Message-Team Rankings & Is The Grail Haunted?


Monday Message-Team Rankings & Is The Grail Haunted?

Is the Grail haunted?
Maybe so! Listen to what Roger has to say about it!

If you did not get your points logged into Wodify Rise the last 3 weeks, you have a limited time opportunity through this Wednesday to catch up.Don’t disappoint your Team Captains! (Let me know if you need the instructions and sign-up link again.)

Check out the team ranking so far and the supernatural mysteries happening at the Grail.

Monday Message-Team Rankings & the Haunted Grail

In more unrelated news….
this Saturday, March 16 is the St. Patty’s Day Partner WOD.
Bring your shaker bottles to get a full ‘Bro Scoop’ of selected Driven Nutrition supplements.No shaker bottle? No problem! We have some available for purchase!

See you Friday for the Grail Open 19.4!