Monday Message-Strategy, Winning & More


Monday Message-Strategy, Winning & More

We are down to the last week of the Grail Open! What is 19.5 going to be and who will come out on top of Friday Night Lights?

It is a race to the finish! With 19.4, snatches and muscle-ups made their appearance. This is the Grail of all gymnastics movements. Here are some interviews from the athletes and what is to come next week!

Monday Message-19.4 Strategy & Interviews

Yes, it is Kiss OUR Squats, Eric!

Now that a variety of movements have come up in the Open, you may have a better idea of what you need to work on based on your goals. Definitely take advantage of the 20% OFF a 3-Pack Personal Training package this Friday! (a sign-up sheet will be available)

See you this Friday for the Open finale 19.5!