Monday Message – Oct 21, 2019


Monday Message – Oct 21, 2019

Big thanks to Ben Bennett from Fit Republic Foods for coming out to last week’s Friday Night Lights and letting us sample some of their delicious meals, pro-nuts and more! More information to come on how you can order some of these meals each week to help out with your weekly food prep!

We are rounding the bend and coming up to week 3 of the CrossFit Open! After last week’ 20-minute workout, it is anyone’s guess what this week will bring!

During Friday Night Lights last week, we debuted the new Grail T-Shirts available for pre-order only. Order yours by this Saturday, Oct 26! You can order yours on the order sheet at the front desk or by sending us an email with your size and color to [email protected]

One last thing: the end of the Monday Message talks about how you can support small business (the Grail!) with your referrals, supplement purchases, etc. If you switch your payment method to ACH, let me know and we will add a $5 retail credit to your account! Thank you for always supporting us and we will continue to strive to give you the BEST HOUR of YOUR DAY!

Monday Message – October 21, 2019
T-Shirts for pre-order~!

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