Michelle Cregger’s Last Official WOD!


Michelle Cregger’s Last Official WOD!

Everyone has gotten to know Michelle Cregger over the last year and half. How could you miss that blonde hair and infectious personality?!?! Michelle came into the Grail after we had been open about 3 months. It was the first 6-week Bootcamp challenge we offered and, as a new gym, we weren’t sure how it was going to go. I interviewed Michelle and found out she lived in Castle Rock, but she still wanted to sign up for the Bootcamp challenge. Knowing the distance, I think I might have even tried to talk to her out of it, saying there were places closer to her. But she insisted.

As the 6-week challenge came to an end, I offered everyone the opportunity to move on to CrossFit. Michelle once again said YES. Again, I kept saying, “Are you sure you want to drive that far?” But she insisted. Since then, Michelle has been one of the most consistent athletes – showing up and working hard. Her PR’s are off the charts – crushing almost every goal she has set for herself. Michelle has lost over 23” and 36# (18.7%) of body fat and gained 4.2# of muscle. Michelle was also honored with the CrossFit Grail Rookie of the Year award last year! She is a true example of what you can do with determination combined with accountability and coaching.

Well, we always knew this day would come – Michelle is finally going to be moving on. She would like to be closer to home so she can have her daughter join her in classes and hopefully get her husband, Michael started again. Michelle was in the Athlete Spotlight in September 2017. That was a month before we started creating Athlete Spotlight WOD’s. So in honor of her, we have created her own WOD on her last official workout at the Grail.

Join us next Saturday December 1 at 8am to share in Michelle’s last WOD.

Although we will miss her, Michelle and her family will always be a part of the Grail Community.

To read Michelle’s Athlete Spotlight interview from September 2017, click here.