Message from the Grail – March 2018


Message from the Grail – March 2018

The CrossFit Open hit us and we were prepared. We bought the dumbbells and two new rowers due to your continued patronage. We have pushed you hard these past weeks and months on the rower while improving your gymnastic skills, double-unders and barbell movements. Finally, we brought our secret weapon to the table… COMMUNITY! Friday Night Lights was a big success and your cheering on athletes pushed people to their ultimate heights. I hope we can maintain this momentum for four more weeks.

My son got the bug for running by doing 5k races with me. It didn’t take long before he was passing me and waiting at the end for his old man to finish. Evan competed in High School, but it wasn’t until the end of a very intense race when Evan, out of breath and struggling, lost his lunch on the side of the track. His coach told him, “Finally, Evan, now you realize just how much more you have always been capable of.”  My son now runs track for the University of Northern Colorado and I learned that he just set a new school record in the 800M run – and he is only a sophomore!

Most of us never really push ourselves and as a result don’t realize how much we can accomplish when we push past our known limits. When you finally reach deep and come the full understanding of how amazing you are physically, this translates to an increased fortitude, and that translates to everything in our lives. I hope you take the opportunity during the CrossFit Open to find your new level of fortitude. I will be there right next to you pushing with everything I have and high fiving you from the floor… hopefully I keep my lunch!

In health,
Eric & Michelle Keely, Owners
CrossFit Grail

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