Member Spotlight-Mike Miles


Member Spotlight-Mike Miles

Of course you know Mike Miles! He is also known as Coach Mike.🙋‍♂️
Why is Coach Mike in the Member Spotlight?

Mike actually started at the Grail as a member on our very first opening weekend and has just surpassed a HUUGGEEE milestone! What could it be?

Mike is the very first inductee into the 1000 Club! That means he is the first Grailer to attend over 1,000 classes at the Grail in less than 4 years. We’ve always joked that Mike ‘lives at the gym’ and this kind of proves it! 🎆📣

Mike was a CrossFit Level 1 when he started at the Grail and a few months later, we made him a coach. Since then, he earned his CrossFit Level 2, continues to blow away any of his previous CrossFit records, and made it into the top 200 athletes in his age group in the CrossFit Open. 🏋️ For the 2021 CrossFit Open, Mike made it into the top 10% of athletes in his age group, earning him a spot in the CrossFit Games online qualifiers starting May 6. 💪 (We can’t wait to cheer him on!)

The people who keep Mike in line is his wife and fellow Grailer, Rachel, and son, Baden. 👨‍👩‍👦 But I have a feeling is 3 dogs keep him busy, as well! 🐕🐶🐩 Mike was in the Athlete Spotlight in August 2017 – check it out HERE.
Then you can ask Mike about his love of comics, his comic book restoration business, and his amateur cyclist career ‘back in the day.’ 🚴‍♂️

Congratulations to Mike Miles for being the first inductee into the 1000 Club. 🎉 We LOVE Mike and love having him and his family as part of the Grail family.