Member Spotlight-Erin McElhattan


Member Spotlight-Erin McElhattan

Congratulations to Erin – she just earned her spot in the 500 Club! 🎉 That’s right – she has attended over 500 classes at CrossFit Grail in just under 2 years. Her goal was to hit that number by her 37th birthday – and that day last week was exactly her 500th class! 🙌

Erin officially joined that Grail family about 2 years after her husband, Aaron joined. Since then, she has gotten so fit and so strong, that one of her favorite movements is actually pull-ups! 💪 She even gives Aaron quite a run for his money during any workout. Erin is setting such a great example for her girls, that her oldest daughter (12) is now WOD-ing with her and the 5:30am Rooster Crew. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Read more about Erin below in her own words, including her teaching and advocating for students with disabilities and exploring the outdoors with her beautiful family.

Member Spotlight: Erin McElhattan

Tell us a little about yourself:

  • I am a Colorado native.
  • I am married to my high school sweetheart and my best friend!
  • We have two daughters – Brenna (12) and Audree (10).
  • I taught middle school special education for 15 years; This summer I will begin the next chapter of my journey.  I have accepted my dream job on the Performance Improvement Leadership Team in the Cherry Creek School District!
  • Our family loves to travel and explore the outdoors.  We’re also total foodies!  On weekends, you will often find us trying local food trucks and new restaurants. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what got you started?
I have been doing CrossFit for almost two years; I believe I started around Memorial Day weekend 2019.  My goal was to attend 500 classes by my 37th birthday.

What did you do for your fitness before CrossFit?
Prior to CrossFit, I did a lot of hiking and yoga as well as participated in 5ks with my girls. 

What do you like most about CrossFit?
I like that every day brings a new challenge.  With such a broad range of movements, I am constantly humbled yet empowered by my progress and my strength. 

How has doing CrossFit changed your life outside of the Box? 
Outside of the box, my life has changed for the better. Not only am I more in tune with the nutrients I put in my body, but my overall attitude toward fitness has improved.  Exercise used to feel like a chore; now it is simply a part of my identity. 

What motivates you to keep WOD-ing?
Every day I am motivated to set a positive example for my daughters.  By modeling healthy self-image, perseverance, and goal setting, I am hopeful they will grow up to become strong and confident young women.

What are your 3 favorite CrossFit movements?
1. Deadlifts
2. Power Cleans
3. Pull-ups

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

  • Raising two kind, caring, and compassionate young ladies
  • Teaching, mentoring, and advocating for students with disabilities
  • Climbing the following Colorado Fourteeners:  Mt. Sherman, Mt. Democrat, Mt. Bierstadt (x2), Mt. Elbert (x2), Gray’s Peak & Quandary Peak
  • Running Las Vegas’ Rock & Roll 10k

This month: Kipping Toes-to-Bar
This year: Double Unders
This lifetime: Compete in a CrossFit partner competition with Aaron