Member Monday Spotlight-Candace Mantelli


Member Monday Spotlight-Candace Mantelli

Meet Candace Mantelli. 🙋 Candace has been a part of the Grail family since November 2017 and is now closing in on 600 classes attended at the Grail! During her time at the Grail, Candace has also competed in competitions, such as Festivus and Girls Gone Rx, and she just crushed the 2021 CrossFit Open. 🔥 Whether Candace is helping to judge during the Open, or rocking the theme nights, she is always super humble with a big smile on her face.

Over the years, her son, Brody has come to cheer her on in theme attire – like Country Western night! 🤠 I even think Candace’s husband, Chris was inspired by watching her during Friday Night Lights when she blew away the competition – and he also finally joined the Grail family officially! 😁

Candace is not only known for her strength, determination, and radiant smile, but she also has a superpower. That superpower is her uncanny ability to be exactly on time for class – not a minute early or a minute late! We tease her for it, but luckily, she owns it and takes it all in stride. 🚶‍♀️

So many reasons to love Candace! 💛