Member Monday Spotlight-Brandi Adder


Member Monday Spotlight-Brandi Adder

Who doesn’t know Brandi Adder?!?!? Or at least know of her from seeing her name on top of the leaderboard nearly every day? 🔥

But it wasn’t always that way! Brandi was always athletic, but adulthood got in the way and fitness turned into just games of cornhole. 🌽 When Brandi started at CrossFit Grail, she couldn’t do a pull-up and was afraid to be upside down for handstands. 🤸‍♀️ Now it looks like she was born CrossFit-ing! That is because she has worked really hard, focused on her nutrition, and has been CONSISTENT. I think she looks at training like a job she really loves. And her RESULTS prove it! 💪

Brandi was in our Athlete Spotlight in June 2018 – back when her goal for the month was to get her first pull-up! And this is also when we got to learn about her entrepreneurial spirit 🍦 starting an Ice Cream Truck business after college! Check out her bio and video interview HERE

Brandi has far surpassed the 500 Club in this photo. She is now rounding the corner to 800 classes attended at the Grail! We can’t wait to see how she is going to dominate the CrossFit Open this year. 🏋️