Member Monday Spotlight-Jamie Erickson


Member Monday Spotlight-Jamie Erickson

Meet Jamie Erickson. Jamie has been a Grail member since November 2017 and has just passed 660 classes attended! 👏 Jamie was unsure she wanted to try CrossFit again and stayed in her comfort ‘bootcamp’ zone. But she soon jumped in and was hooked! With all those classes, she has consistently gotten stronger, faster, fitter and is always reaching new personal records. 💪

Jamie’s education and career background is in Special Education and she has worked with students with disabilities her entire career. 👩‍🏫 We are in awe of her everyday – for so many reasons!

Jamie was in the Athlete Spotlight in February 2019 and this is what she said is one of her lifetime goals: “…for my husband and I to live a healthy life and to raise our boys to be healthy, happy, kind, successful men!” 💜 We would say that is a great goal! Check out her bio and full video interview HERE

This is what Jamie had to say recently via email:
“Without the Grail, surviving 2020 would have been even more challenging. My time at the gym was often the only time I got out of the house. Seeing many people struggling during the pandemic makes me even more grateful for the Grail because I was able to maintain my health and fitness! Thank you for all you did for me during 2020 and continue to do!” ~Jamie Erickson, CrossFit Grail member since Nov 2017