Member Monday Spotlight-David Ceja


Member Monday Spotlight-David Ceja

Meet David Ceja! David just joined the prestigious Grail 500 Club 🏋️ that means he has attended over 500 classes at the Grail in about 3 years. It took him a little longer since he was deployed a couple of times over those 3 years. And with that hard work and dedication to his military career, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major in the Army National Guard just last year. This is a huuuuge accomplishment and we are so proud of him! 🎖️

David also joined the 1000# Club last year, lifting over 1000# on his CrossFit Total benchmark. And he is looking to join another 500 Club this year with a 500# Deadlift. He is almost there, so we have no doubt he will get there! 💪

At home, David’s kids and beautiful wife, Amanda, keep him busy. 👪 According to David’s August 2019 Athlete Spotlight, his hobbies include: “shooting, eating tacos 🌮, going to concerts and lifting heavy things.” (Check out his Athlete Spotlight and video interview here:

Here is what David had to say:
“I was promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major, and I never thought I would ever be here. It’s a testament to a life of servitude to my country and citizens. And all the more reason to keep hitting the gym as we should lead by example or as I tell my people: RESULTS, not REASON.” ~ David Ceja, Grail member since November 2017
(I’m going to use this one!)