Lost Your Motivation? Don’t Be Discouraged-ReFocus!


Lost Your Motivation? Don’t Be Discouraged-ReFocus!

You are not alone!

At some point, everyone gets a case of the “I just don’t want to’s.” Sometimes life can be mentally and physically exhausting, especially with all the things we SHOULD be doing each day. For instance, we should brush our teeth for 2 minutes at a time, stretch for 10 minutes, workout for at least 60 minutes, change our sheets weekly, meal prep, make to-do lists, complete the to-do lists, work for 8+ hours per day.

You get the point.

With so many daily demands, our lives have turned into filling every second with doing something, and that gets exhausting. So, what can happen? You come down with a bad case of exhaustion and burn-out.

When mental and physical exhaustion sets in, you tend to neglect things. Sometimes you neglect a lot of things. What do you do in this situation? You embrace it! But don’t let it get out of control. You feel this way for a reason, which means your brain or your body (or both) probably needs a break. So give it one!

Cancel your appointments, don’t do anything you are dreading to do, learn to let the little things go, and use this time to harness some self-care or family time. Notice how I said, ‘let the little things go?’

If you take this time to let everything go, it could become a problem and potentially ruin all the hard work you have put forth thus far. Something to think about doing before exhaustion creeps up is make a list of things you value most: Family, Health, Career, etc. Then, list the things you HAVE to do to maintain them: be on time for work, eat healthy, workout 5 times a week, have a homemade dinner with the family every night, etc. This will prepare you to be ready to tackle the big things and let the little things go when needed.

As far as nutrition goes, make sure you are utilizing these simple tricks to avoid getting too far off track:
1. Batch cook and freeze extras so you have meals ready when needed
2. Buy steam fresh veggie bags and have them on hand
3. Learn the Plate Method and how to stick to it in every scenario (your nutrition coach can help with this)
4. Always keep healthy snacks on hand– in good times and in bad
5. Most importantly, make sure your mind is focused on whole foods, not processed.

It is necessary to slow down sometimes and recognize how your body feels. Identify what is important, and from there, scale back. Your body and mind will thank you.

In health,
Michelle Ann Keely
Co-Owner, CrossFit Grail
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
PNL1 Exercise Nutrition Certified
[email protected]

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