June 2019 Athlete Spotlight


June 2019 Athlete Spotlight

As a growing CrossFit box, we are all getting to know each other and building that tight community we always envisioned.  Each month, we profile a CrossFit Grail Athlete that is interesting and inspirational. A person that demonstrates a positive attitude, shows up every day and puts their heart and soul into their workout, never gives up, crushes their goals, cheers everyone on and is passionate about the CrossFit Grail Community. And someone who is pretty cool! Although we think everyone has these qualities, we can only pick one. 

June 2019 Athlete Spotlight: Alex Doyle

Who doesn’t know Alex?!?! Alex is almost a Grail founding member, just missing opening day by a month. Alex usually attends class at least 4-5 times per week and can usually be found at 6:30am weekdays or Saturday mornings, decked out in all his workout gear! Alex is considered a “Legend,” and by that, I mean he is a few years into his 60’s (I don’t think he will mind me saying that!). He is an excellent example of: 1) anyone of any age can do CrossFit, and 2) how fit you can be for as long as you want to be. Here is Alex in his own words:

Check out Alex’s video interview here

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a fifth generation San Franciscan and was raised in Palo Alto, CA. Received my BS in Business Admin and Economics from University of Nevada. Moved to Colorado in April 2017 to be close to our children (2 out of 3 live in Aurora, with one still in Hawaii). Michael, our oldest son and his wife Kris Goto, live and work in Honolulu, HI. Sarah and her husband and 3 children live in Aurora and she is in digital content marketing for a firm in Denver. Greg, the youngest works at Gaylord Rockies as an AV Sales Manager and lives in Aurora.
I work as the Vice President of Meetings & Events for 21st Century Froup and focus on planning and finding great hotels and venues for corporate meetings and have been in this role since November 2003
Hobbies include CrossFit, golf, hiking, cycling and the great outdoors.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what got you started?
Have been into CrossFit since January 2016 and got started after living an unhealthy lifestyle for 7 years prior to joining CrossFit. I needed to get back in shape and to be able to lead an active and healthy lifestyle again.

What did you do for your fitness before CrossFit?
Previous to CrossFit, I was sedentary for a good 7 years as work, travel and family took priority over fitness. I belonged to a gym, yet found that I needed more programming to reach any of my fitness goals.

What do you like most about CrossFit?
The fitness regime, the ability see results in my fitness and the community.

How has doing CrossFit changed your life outside of the Box? 
Yes, completely. I have more energy, confidence, a more positive attitude and just feel stronger and more ready to deal with daily life challenges. It is also nice to not pass-out when bending down to tie my shoes

What motivates you to keep WOD-ing?
The coaches, the community and my drive to continue to improve as well as Grail being a very motivating environment

What are your 3 favorite CrossFit movements?
1. Back squats
2. Pullups
3. KB Swings

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?
My faith in God, my family and friends

This month:
Complete Murph in under 60 minutes
This year: Make the Committed Club each month and get stronger, more PRs
This lifetime: Continue CrossFit until they carry me out on a stretcher

Athlete Spotlight June 2019: Alex Doyle