June 2018 Athlete of the Month


June 2018 Athlete of the Month

As a growing CrossFit box, we are all getting to know each other and building that tight community we always envisioned.  Each month, we profile a CrossFit Grail Athlete that is interesting and inspirational. A person that demonstrates a positive attitude, shows up every day and puts their heart and soul into their workout, never gives up, cheers everyone on and is passionate about the CrossFit Grail Community. And someone who is pretty cool! Although we think everyone has these qualities, we can only pick one.

June 2018 Athlete of the Month: Brandi Adder

Why we chose Brandi:
One of our core values is Integrity, and Brandi’s work ethic in the gym exemplifies that core value. Hard work and commitment to the process always produces results and Brandi is experiencing impressive results. She continues to amaze us each day with her progress. She has come to work-out early in the morning before catching a flight or come in straight from the airport after work travel to attend CrossFit Open events. She has embraced every part of the Grail community as much as we have all embraced her.

After interviewing Brandi, we will no longer be able to see Brandi without hearing that tell-tale song that is filled with the joy of my childhood… the ice cream truck. Why is that you ask? For the answer to that little gem you are going to have to watch the video. Please congratulate Brandi when you see her next, undoubtedly working hard in the gym. 

Check out Brandi’s interview here:

Tell us a little about yourself:
I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania, not to be confused with the other state of eastern Pennsylvania. Stereotypes hold true here, I am a die-hard Steelers fan. What can I say – it was instilled in my older brother and I at an early age.

I was a student-athlete at Millersville University, where I studied business administration / athletic coaching and played softball. After college, I started an ice cream truck business. Unfortunately, my entrepreneurship was short lived, as my parents convinced me that owning an ice cream truck was not a career. I disagree, but that forced me into real life adulting. I moved to Washington, DC and became a government auditor / project manager. About a year and a half ago, I moved to Colorado to continue my career and enjoy life. I love to travel, spend time with friends, hike, paddleboard, “golf” – pretty much anything outdoors.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what got you started?
I started CrossFit in November 2017, with the 6-week challenge. I took a bit of a holiday hiatus in December, and became official at the beginning of the year. I joined CrossFit Grail because I was looking for change. Change from my daily routine, change in the way I felt and looked, and a change in my results (or lack thereof). I never considered CrossFit because of my fear of the unknown. I have always been an athlete, and the idea of failure did not attract me. I was out of shape for sure, but I was also a competitor. As fate would have it, another Grail member reached out to me to see if I would be interested in joining her in the 6-week challenge. I gladly accepted, and the rest is history.

What did you do for your fitness before CrossFit?
Does cornhole count? ???? Prior to CrossFit, I did the gym thing, went to spin classes, kept myself busy outside, trained for some half marathons, etc. The only constant thing in my life at that point was boredom – nothing stuck. Nothing seemed to replicate what I got out of playing collegiate sports. They all at some point or another became chores.

What do you like most about CrossFit?
The definition of CrossFit itself is what attracts me to it the most – I love that CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. The constantly varied keeps me on my toes – I do not get bored whatsoever! The functional movements allow me to see how CrossFit has helped me outside of the box. And last but not least, the high intensity checks my competitive spirit box. When I can collapse to the floor after fighting off burpees and thrusters for 20 minutes, and nobody blinks an eye because that is normal, that makes this special.

Outside of the actual WOD, I love CrossFit because of the instant family and support system you gain. I find myself surrounded by a group of dedicated and inspiring people that will cheer the last person to finish just as hard as the first. That is awesome!

How has doing CrossFit changed your life outside of the Box?
Life changing events are rare, but CrossFit seems to have been the catalyst to many incredible and positive changes in my life. The results I have seen in such a short amount of time are insane. It has given me a new sense of confidence and higher self-esteem. I am doing things that I never thought I would do again, or thought I was capable of doing in the first place. Having these accomplishments at the Grail removed self-doubt from the rest of my life too. I’m also finding it easier to resist temptations, and am far less susceptible to my vices. Sure, I’ll have a glass of wine or beer, or maybe that piece of chocolate, because balance is key – the point is, is that those things don’t control me. I feel like CrossFit is my new full-on addiction. No, really, it is. I even find myself taking later flights to try to get in a 5:30am workout before I go on travel. My energy and attitude just increase tenfold after I sweat it out for an hour – it’s worth it!

What motivates you to keep WOD-ing?
There are so many things that motivate me to continue. My health first and foremost. I want to be the best me, not only for me but for everyone around me as well. Lindsay motivates me, the coaches motivate me, other athletes motivate me, summer motivates me, those jeans that used to fit motivate me… In general, the experience I have had at the Grail is a complete 180 from what I have experienced at a regular gym. And everyone here really does know your name (well there may be an exception to this – you know who you are!), so it holds me accountable. There is something about watching others push themselves to the limit that brings out the best in me, and makes me want to try that much harder – so I do. I actually enjoy the challenge, and hope that I am even more ready for the Open next year.

What are your 3 favorite CrossFit movements?
I feel as though this is an oxymoron! But my top 3 (so far) would have to be:
1. Dumbbell Snatch
2. Squat (Preferably Goblet – Overhead, not so much!
3. Deadlift – mixed in between some rowing or running, because why not!

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?
Tough question. I feel if you asked me 15 years ago, it would have been earning an academic and athletic scholarship for college. It’s a great feeling to see all your hard work pay off. My parents would probably say, me becoming financially independent ???? If you asked me at 30, it would have been completing a half marathon, and if you ask me now it would probably be getting my health back. In general, my biggest accomplishment is just being a good daughter, aunt, partner, and friend – and making everyone proud. So as you can see, I just skirted that question. Next one, please!

This month:
Maintain my Grail Committed Club status in between travelling and showing my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and his adorable kids, all that Colorado has to offer when they visit. I’ll be seeing you Rooster Crew!
This year: Climb a 14er and get my first pull-up! Hopefully in the process I’ll get down to my goal weight as well.
This lifetime: Winning the lottery would be nice so I could retire early enough to travel the world – including all 50 states (I have 11 more to get to) – and start a family. A nice mountain getaway log cabin on some water too would be nice. I mean, after that family, serenity may be needed! Yes, I can have my cake and eat it too… just maybe not on Whole30!

Check out Brandi’s interview here:

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