I am competitive. It is just part of who I am. So, when I see it is a ‘Max Day,’ I naturally get all caveman and want to smash my max by 20 pounds or more.  Unfortunately, my ego puts me at risk of accepting bad form to get those extra five pounds.  As trainers, it is our job to give you, the athlete, advice that most of us are bad at following…telling you to back off and only lift weight with good form.

Unfortunately, I have seen some back strains happen that seems to be a result of being in a hurry to lift heavy weight. I promise you, that you will get an effective or even better workout by lifting moderate weight with exceptional form than you will lifting heavy with bad form. When I get injured, I can’t train. When I can’t train, I feel like crap.

Sometimes it isn’t ego, but just a lack of experience with the movement. If this is the case, the solution is the same. Back off on the weight until you are comfortable with your technique, or the ‘mechanics’ of the movement. After you have established a consistent pattern of practicing these movements safely, then you can turn up the intensity of those movements within your workout. When in doubt, ask your trainer. That is why we are there…even if we don’t follow our own advice.

~By Eric Keely