I’m too old too…


I’m too old too…

I’m too OLD to….

…start exercising.
…join a gym.
…work with a trainer.
…lift weights.
…start eating healthy.

NO, you’re NOT!

Exercises that are based on mobility and functional movement – the movements we should do every day to keep us mobile, limber, and strong – are meant to be done throughout our lives. Our members and nutrition clients range from age 12 to 70.

Every movement and exercise is scalable to individual abilities and skill levels. From lowering repetitions, using lighter weights, adjusting movements to get the same muscle mechanics, and so much more! Our trainers work with you to make sure you are moving correctly and safely, while getting the best workout tailored to you.

“Can I lift weights at my age?!?!”

Absolutely! And you should! Most people start losing muscle mass by their mid-40’s – about 5% per decade. But it is preventable! Older people who lift weights can slow or reverse this progression, as well as improve strength, mobility, mental sharpness, and metabolic health, according to this New York Times article.

“Won’t I get injured?”

We make sure our clients are moving in a way that is safe for them, assessing mobility, balance and strength and adjusting accordingly. By working on the 10 key elements of fitness inside the gym, you are less likely to be injured doing other things in your life. We work with you to make you fit and strong to do everything else you love and live the highest quality of life outside of the gym.

“Why start worrying about my nutrition now?”

Food quality affects how you feel, your energy level and your immune system. Nutrition doesn’t have to be about losing weight. Our Nutrition Coach can work with you to improve your quality of food and portion sizes to make sure you can kick your immune system into high gear to be able to prevent and fight off illness.

Whether you are 25, 50 or 75 and whatever your fitness level, we would love to work with you at CrossFit Grail to be the healthiest, fittest YOU throughout your life.

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